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Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Finance and Risk Management

Read past students' opinion about us

  • " FIRM is a challenging MSc that provides extensive and well-rounded knowledge about all things finance, ranging from the more qualitative and business-related aspects to the more quantitative branches of financial markets.
    As a FIRM Alumni, I’ve quickly realized at the beginning of my career that what I had learned represented an edge in the current overcompetitive labor market. I especially believe that the MSc helped me in developing an outstanding knowledge of financial markets and derivatives, with concepts and models that I still apply in my everyday activities while managing a Portfolio in the commodities markets.
    The multiple Double Degree programs and exchange agreements, coupled with the fact that the MSc is entirely taught in English, also makes it an excellent course for students that are interested in an international career.
    I would therefore suggest enrolling in the MSc if you are an ambitious student that aspire working in financial markets, especially in positions related to Risk Management or Trading" . (Filippo Baroncelli,  Commodities Portfolio Manager presso Edison, 2020 graduate FiRM UNIFI)


    "The MSc in Finance and Risk Management represented a fundamental step in our personal growth path. The intercultural characteristics of the course, the competence and availability of the teaching staff and professors, and the usability of the knowledge acquired on the labor market represent the strengths of the institutional complex. You'll be provided with a strong Quantitative and Economic background as the merge of the knowledge between economics and mathematical notions is a successful key to be competitive in the labor world. The recent partnership with the Grand École Ensiie, part of the prestigious university group Université Paris-Saclay, offers numerous opportunities to challenge yourself. The strong mathematical and statistical specialization, combined with a decisive modeling application make ENSIIE an important training experience in a student's academic career. The possibility of having curricular projects with multinationals assigned by the university, and the compulsory internship combine the theoretical sphere with the professional practice, so that you immediately have a perspective on your bright future" (Alessio Frosini e Diego Tintori, 2020 graduates Double Degree MSc FiRM UNIFI  and École nationale supérieure d'informatique pour l'industrie et l'entreprise –ENSIIE EVRY)


  • During my bachelor in Economics I did a course of Corporate Finance and that was first sight love, I had no doubt in choosing FIRM. The Master is comprehensive of any kind of knowledge it is needed for a finance professional, from accounting and financial statements analysis to risk management tools and quantitative finance. I have been lucky enough to get into the Double Degree program with the MSc of Finance and Accounting at SGH-Warsaw School of Economics, and this is the most complete academic path that a student can expect. I could not imagine nailing the job interviews without the knowledge I got during these two years of Master. But what really matters –more than knowledge, studying, finance- is the passion that has been passed to me by the professors. With the innovations that they introduce every year –in teaching methods, job placement, alumni network, events- they have managed to create a top notch Master course.” (Matteo Del Bimbo, M&A Advisory - Associate in Deloitte, 2019 graduate Double Degree MSc FiRM UNIFI and SGH Varsaw)

  • "If I had to choose again, I would enrol again in the Master of Finance and Risk Management Program (FiRM), because it revealed my strengths and interests within finance. The program gave me a much deeper understanding about financial theories and risk tools and developed my analytical thinking and problem solving. What I truly appreciated was the use of academic lessons applied into real case setting (I am earnest on what I am saying, as an example, I could say that we did “Finance simulation: M&A in wine country” of Harvard Business Game). The ability to work on cases live in the classroom with experienced professors, enriched with input from international students (both in-Campus, Erasmus and Double Degree students), gave me a solid ground to build on and prepared me for my future career. But FiRM not only provided qualitative and quantitative knowledge and soft skills, it above all helped me get in touch with employees in different sectors. FiRM has a broad network of corporate, actuarial and quantitative finance partners- that participate in workshops. I encourage all the students to apply and to be part of this big community made of professors, professionals and students. Break a leg!" (Blerina Lleshi, Actuarial Consultant in Deloitte, 2019 graduate MSc FiRM)

  • "MSc in finance and risk management together with MSc in finance and accounting at the Warsaw school of economics provided me with really useful and practical  tools that I can use in my daily job. Analytical thinking acquired during the first year in Florence was a fundamental contribution for my development as a data scientist allowing me to get my head around newly statistical research and machine learning techniques that I apply at work. Finally, I would really recommend this course to everybody willing to start a successful career in a financial institution or an insurance company". (Alexey Kravets, Lead Data Scientist in Aviva, 2018 graduate Double Degree MSc FiRM UNIFI and SGH Varsaw)

  • "Pursuing the MSc in Finance and Risk Management at the University of Florence was an important milestone in my life. Intensive teaching method and friendly faculty members had helped me to discover my academic potential. FiRM has made the best efforts to offers a fantastic academic environment, seminars, and job opportunities for the students to give their best. The days which has been spent at the University of Florence was my golden time and I will remember it forever. I met dozens of great friends and got to experience living in Firenze. This cradle of the Renaissance allowed me numerous opportunities to do all sorts of things: world-class art, Tuscan cuisine, concerts, parties, and many more. I would strongly recommend this MSc program as it is the best choice to pursue an advanced education in finance and quantitative risk management in this lovely country - Italy."  (Ho Than Phat Phan, PhD in Accounting anf Finance, 2017 graduate MSc FiRM)

  • "This MSc has offered me exciting courses that led my passion for financial issues to grow constantly over time. Since my experience in the consulting industry, I have been realising the solid background and the powerful analytical tools the FIRM master course has provided me with. This academic path, backed with an extraordinary teaching staff, has been fundamental for the achievement of my admission to the PhD in Finance at the Swiss Finance Institute." (Andrea Bergesio, PhD Candidate University of Zurich, 2016 graduate MSc FiRM)

  • "FIRM MSc has given me the opportunity to develop my knowledge of financial topics from quantitative finance to corporate finance, through financial and risk theories. The Professors are very prepared and are always available to offer support to the students. The course also developed my soft skills, improving my ability to work within a team or to present results to an entire class. I started to work in Banca IFIS two years ago and financial knowledge, teamwork and communication skills represented the driving forces of my successful career!" (Elena Perriello, Head of Portfolio & Asset Optimization presso Illimity Bank, 2015 graduate MSc FiRM)

  • "I chose FiRM driven by my passion for finance and risk management. This MSc gives you the opportunity to grow both technically and humanely. It teaches you to work under pressure, meet deadlines and prepare you to achieve goals in heterogeneous teams.  All these skills are very useful in my daily work at Marsh & McLennan Companies. Furthermore, the teachers are experienced and are willing to help the students. I recommend the course to anyone who wants to start a brilliant career path!" (Amedeo Burioni, Client Manager presso Aon Italia, 2015 graduate MSc FiRM)

  • "My experience at FIRM was intensive and formative, professors are highly prepared and always available to help the students, we had the opporunity to develop technical skills but also soft skills, being asked to work on a topic and present the results to the class, often as group exercise; this prepared me to enter in a big company such as General Electric in which teamwork, strong financial background and communications skills are the main drivers for a successful career! My career as GE Financial Analyst just started, I worked in Florence, France and now I'm in London, and I apply many FIRM teachings in my daily job!" (Guendalina Ducceschi, Financial Planning & Analysis Senior Manager at Baker Hughes, 2015 graduate MSc FiRM)

last update: 16-Mar-2023
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