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Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Finance and Risk Management
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Workshops available in the 2nd Semester

--- Bond Markets 3+3 cfu (Prof Geronazzo)  B016465

--- Insights in Actuarial Practice 3 cfu (Proff Colivicchi and Iannizzotto) B024222

--- Advanced Corporate Finance 3 cfu  (TBA) B024220

---  Workshop in Financial Law (European Banking and Capital Market)   (Prof Zatti)  B024224

--- Workshop in Ethical Finance (Prof Ielasi)  B024223

---   NEW  (Workshop in Quantitative Finance)  3 cfu B024221

Heterogeneous Agents Models (HAM) for Financial Markets: Theory and Computation


--- the partecipation to the following summer course

Advanced Risk and Portfolio Management 

will be valued 6 CFU upon certification of attendance

Registration will open in January, 2018

ARPM - Advanced Risk and Portfolio Management is an education company founded by Attilio Meucci. ARPM's objective is to advance and disseminate the standards for quantitative risk management and quantitative decision making.

ARPM delivers the ARPM Bootcamp, an intensive, heavily quantitative, comprehensive 6-day course, for a total of 50 hours (lectures + practice sessions). The ARPM Bootcamp grants access to the ARPM Lab and provides networking opportunity with hundreds of industry practitioners. 

Students of FiRM can attend the ARPM Bootcamp as an elective course, and gain 6 ECTS credits toward the completion of their degree, upon certified attendance.

last update: 07-Nov-2018
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